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SpaceX Launches 1st Recycled Supply Ship

What SpaceX do?

SpaceX launched its first recycled cargo ship to the International Space Station on Saturday, from Cape Canaveral. This is the biggest achievement it has achieved till date. This is a milestone to reduce the flight and transportation costs to ISS. Isn’t it great?

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NeilSpaceX Launches 1st Recycled Supply Ship

Is Asian The Smartest Race In The World?

Is it true, some people say Asian are smartest among all ??

Man is the most intelligent being on the face of the earth. Let’s start with the story of the human race. We all know that we have evolved from apes. His development has been ever increasing since the early stages of mankind till date, making him capable of many huge technological advancements.

And as he evolved, it resulted into small distinctions within him (like color), sometimes because of regional and other factors.

This is how the thought of races emerged.

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JinelleIs Asian The Smartest Race In The World?

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